Piano Compe­ti­ti­on

17th Inter­na­tio­nal Piano Compe­ti­ti­on 2019

The Chopin-Gesell­schaft Hanno­ver promo­tes talen­ted pianists at the begin­ning of their care­ers and orga­ni­ses an Inter­na­tio­nal Piano Compe­ti­ti­on bian­nu­al­ly. You are warm­ly invi­ted to apply. The fina­lists chosen by the profes­sio­nal jury are invi­ted to the audi­tion on March 23rd, 2019 to Hano­ver. One piece of music compo­sed by Chopin is mandato­ry. Be part of it! 

Appli­ca­ti­on requi­re­ments are:

The Inter­na­tio­nal Piano Compe­ti­ti­on 2019 of the Chopin-Gesell­schaft Hanno­ver has been estab­lished to encou­ra­ge and offer perfor­mance oppor­tu­nities for young talen­ted pianists. Eligi­ble are all pianists who were born from 1991 through 2001. Plea­se send in the follo­wing:

  • Correc­t­ly comple­ted appli­ca­ti­on form and a photo
  • A copy of your pass­port or ID 
  • A letter of recom­men­da­ti­on from your music profes­sor 
  • A 30 minu­te sound record­ing on DVD. The program must inclu­de one etude by Chopin, one etude by anot­her compo­ser, and one or two other pieces of music of your own choice. 


All mate­ri­als, posmar­ked no later than Novem­ber 15th, 2018, must be sumit­ted to:

Chopin-Gesell­schaft Hanno­ver e.V.
Kirch­rö­der Str. 42
30625 Hanno­ver

A preli­mi­na­ry evalua­ti­on based on the record­ings will deter­mi­ne who may take part in the compe­ti­ti­on. The results of the preli­mi­na­ry selec­tion will be sent by mail to all appli­cants by March 1st, 2019. 

The finals will be held on March 23rd, 2019 at 4 p.m. in the presence of the jury and an audi­ence in the Richard Jaco­by Audi­to­ri­um of the Music Acade­my (HMTMH).

The Prizes:

  • 1st prize: € 300,- month­ly for two years
  • 2nd prize: € 200,- month­ly for two years
  • 3rd prize: € 100,- month­ly for two years
  • audience’s prize: € 1.000,-

The five fina­lists will recei­ve a travel expen­ses subs­idy of € 250,-. The first prize winner will be invi­ted to Hano­ver for a reci­tal orga­nis­ed by the Chopin-Gesell­schaft Hanno­ver. 

Selec­ted fina­lists will have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to parti­ci­pa­te in the master­class, orga­ni­zed by the Hoch­schu­le für Musik, Thea­ter und Medi­en Hanno­ver in the follo­wing days after the compe­ti­ti­on. The master­class will be lead by Prof. Piotr Palecz­ny from Poland.